WP4: Intestinal in vitro and ex vivo barrier models

This WP will make use of biologically sophisticated in vitro and ex vivo intestinal barrier models, with the aim of performing in depth mechanistic transport studies of novel peptides across the barrier, by high-resolution imaging combined with state-of-the-art image analysis.

Thus we work in close collaboration with WP5 and WP6 in order to elucidate specific pathways exploited by innovatively designed peptides and/or delivery systems carrying biopharmaceuticals across the intestinal barrier.

In addition this WP maintains a close dialogue and experimental streamlining with WP1 and WP2 for quantifying and characterizing drug transport across the barrier models.

Due to its highly collaborative nature across the entire centre, this project serves as a stepping-stone between innovative synthesis, biophysical screening, gut-on-chip model and future in vivo WPs within the center. 

WP members
Jannik Larsen, Assistant Professor
Ladan Parhamifar, Senior Scientist
Arjen Weller, PhD Student
Marie Christine Viuff, Master Student
Maja Munck Nikolajsen, Bachelor Student

17 JUNE 2024