WP2: Physicochemical screening

In this work package, the physicochemical characteristics of large peptide libraries will screened. Specifically, a set of biophysical and analytical methods will be developed to obtain information about the physical stability and lipid-membrane interactions of the peptides. The developed techniques will also be used to study permeation enhancers to reveal their basic modes of action. Of relevance, the biophysical and analytical techniques will not only be developed for studies in simple buffer solutions but also in more complex simulating intestinal fluids. Overall, this work will reveal how strategic chemical modifications of the peptides influence their fundamental physicochemical properties and interactions with permeation enhancers.

WP members
Jens Bæk Simonsen, Assoc. Prof
Kasper Kristensen, Researcher
Jannik Bruun Larsen, Post Doc

Anne Z. Eriksen, PostDoc
Nanna Wichmann Larsen, PhD student

17 JUNE 2024