WP1: Peptide synthesis

This large work package comprises of 2 main objectives: i) the synthesis of peptide libraries based on model peptides used in the biopharmaceutical industry. Here peptides will be designed to have enhanced transport across biological membranes; ii) the synthesis of peptide nanocarriers to facilitate peptide transport across biological membranes, improve peptide biodistribution and pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics. Here we will exploit nanotechnology to enhance peptide delivery. There will be a close collaboration with WP2 where the biophysical-physicochemical characterisation of peptides, peptide-membrane interactions and the fundamental factors that govern peptide transport are explored. This information will in turn be used by WP1 to inform further peptide design.

WP Members

Peptide synthesis
Ann-Kathrin Mündler, PhD student
Morten B. Hansen, Researcher
Andrew Urquhart, Assoc. Prof
Peptide Nanocarriers
Mia Danielsen, PhD student
Anne Z. Eriksen, Postdoc
Andrew Urquhart, Assoc. Prof
17 JUNE 2024